Viridescent Floral Design (Viri for short) is a fine art floral design and styling studio specializing in custom designs for weddings, installations, photo-shoots, and events. Located in Beacon, New York, Viri Floral Design works primarily throughout the Hudson Valley. Please see the Client Information section to learn more about Wedding details. 


The team


Owner & Head Designer

 Photo:  Diana Vidal

Kate Amato spent her childhood summers in Maine helping her Grandma Norma create weekly floral arrangements for the local church. Grandma Norma taught her the basic fundamentals of floral design, but more importantly she instilled an undying love and appreciation of flowers. Rather than jumping right into floral design as a career (probably a smarter path, but that's another story) she decided to study fine arts: painting, art history, and finally ending up with an MA in museum studies. She worked in New York City in public art, special events coordination, and managed an art gallery until refocusing her energy towards floral design. As a native of the Hudson Valley, Kate knew the small artist town of Beacon would be the perfect fit for Viridescent Floral Design Studio.

Kate has studied floral design at The New York Botanical Garden, New York City, with Dark & Diamond Floral Studio, Fishkill, New York and with Sprout Home, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 



 Photo: Mike Mannhaupt

Photo: Mike Mannhaupt

Jessica Mannhaupt grew up in Stormville, New York in the heart of the Hudson Valley surrounded by a lush forest and hills. Her yard featured a beautiful flowering crab apple tree and a vibrant forsythia bush which she recalls patiently waiting for them to bloom every spring as a child. That love and admiration for all things floral has never changed.

Jess met Kate while attending Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. She studied painting, photography, and psychology, graduating with a BA in Fine Arts and continued her retail career in management. Life moved Jess to Chicago from the Hudson Valley, where her apartment overlooked one of the largest parks in Chicago and her balcony stayed full of fresh blooms. Every year, Jess filled the balcony with new varieties of flowers, greenery, and herbs which only made her passion for flowers grow. Fast forwarding to 2018 and the opportunity for Jess to join the Viridescent Floral Design team, she knew it was time to head back home to the Hudson Valley and explore this passion full time. 


giving back 


We are so lucky to make a living from Love. Love is what brings couples together and ultimately to us. In hopes to continue that precious idea, Viri Floral Design partnered with the wonderful and local Dutchess County organization, Grace Smith House, in 2016. After each wedding and event, we collect the florals and deconstruct the arrangements. We give the flowers a fresh cut and some floral food and send them off in buckets to the organization. Those flowers are then used in therapy sessions, giving the shelter residents an opportunity to create their own floral arrangements. LOVE SHOULDN'T HURT. 

Grace Smith House is a private, non-profit domestic violence agency, which provides both residential and non-residential services to victims of domestic violence and their children. Our mission is to enable individuals and families to live free of domestic violence by provide our residents and non-residents with shelter services, advocacy, counseling and education. For more information, please visit our website, http://www.gracesmithhouse.org


our logo was developed from "The little pruning book," published in 1917.